static Pose FromSpatialNode(Guid spatialNodeGuid, SpatialNodeType spatialNodeType, Int64 qpcTime)

Converts a Windows Mirage spatial node GUID into a Pose based on its current position and rotation! Check SK.System.spatialBridgePresent to see if this is available to use. Currently only on HoloLens, good for use with the Windows QR code package.

Guid spatialNodeGuid A Windows Mirage spatial node GUID acquired from a windows MR API call.
SpatialNodeType spatialNodeType Type of spatial node to locate.
Int64 qpcTime A windows performance counter timestamp at which the node should be located, obtained from another API or with System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch.GetTimestamp().
RETURNS: Pose A Pose representing the current orientation of the spatial node.

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