static void SetElementVisual(UIVisual visual, Mesh mesh, Material material, Vec2 minSize)

Override the visual assets attached to a particular UI element.

Note that StereoKit’s default UI assets use a type of quadrant sizing that is implemented in the Material and the Mesh. You don’t need to use quadrant sizing for your own visuals, but if you wish to know more, you can read more about the technique here. You may also find UI.QuadrantSizeVerts and UI.QuadrantSizeMesh to be helpful.

UIVisual visual Which UI visual element to override.
Mesh mesh The Mesh to use for the UI element’s visual component. The Mesh will be scaled to match the dimensions of the UI element.
Material material The Material to use when rendering the UI element. The default Material is specifically designed to work with quadrant sizing formatted meshes.
Vec2 minSize For some meshes, such as quadrant sized meshes, there’s a minimum size where the mesh turns inside out. This lets UI elements to accommodate for this minimum size, and behave somewhat more appropriately.

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