void Matrix(float m11, float m12, float m13, float m14, float m21, float m22, float m23, float m24, float m31, float m32, float m33, float m34, float m41, float m42, float m43, float m44)

This constructor is for manually creating a matrix from a grid of floats! You’ll likely want to use one of the static Matrix functions to create a Matrix instead.

float m11 m11
float m12 m12
float m13 m13
float m14 m14
float m21 m21
float m22 m22
float m23 m23
float m24 m24
float m31 m31
float m32 m32
float m33 m33
float m34 m34
float m41 m41
float m42 m42
float m43 m43
float m44 m44
void Matrix(Matrix4x4 matrix)

Create a Matrix from the equivalent System.Numerics Matrix type. You can also implicitly convert between these types, as this Matrix is backed by the System.Numerics type anyhow.

Matrix4x4 matrix A System.Numerics matrix.

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