enum UIWin

A description of what type of window to draw! This is a bit flag, so it can contain multiple elements.

Enum Values

Body Flag to include a body on the window.
Empty No body, no head. Not really a flag, just set to this value. The Window will still be grab/movable. To prevent it from being grabbable, combine with the UIMove.None option, or switch to UI.Push/PopSurface.
Head Flag to include a head on the window.
Normal A normal window has a head and a body to it. Both can be grabbed.


Separating UI Visually

A window with text and a separator

A separator is a simple visual element that fills the window horizontally. It’s nothing complicated, but can help create visual association between groups of UI elements.

Pose windowPoseSeparator = new Pose(.6f, 0, 0, Quat.Identity);
void ShowWindowSeparator()
	UI.WindowBegin("Window Separator", ref windowPoseSeparator, UIWin.Body);

	UI.Label("Content Header");
	UI.Text("A separator can go a long way towards making your content "
	      + "easier to look at!", TextAlign.TopCenter);


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